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Sojourn Gomti


  • Area 6 Acre

  • Plotting and zoning

  • Resort and cottages along the river 


  • Floodplain redevelopment and river bank

  • .Linear strip along the river



  • All the artery roads terminate at the river. Hence reinforcing the visual and psychological connection of all the units with the river.

  • The design of the houses as a model for the rural/urban Ladakhi community- a humble and modern interpretation of vernacular building and design methods, using natural materials, passive heating techniques.

  • Green buffers as a transition between the residential area and 'public' flood plain. Hence activating and distributing the riverfront.

  • Eash road terminating at a node- which acts like entertainment zones for public interactions.

  • The cottage structures are made of lightweight recycle wood frame and GI skin. 

  • The reflective GI ( Galvanised Iron) skin reflects the green and the sky, hence decreasing the visual obstruction between the land, river, and sky

  • The changing sky color changes the visual character of the cottages.

  • Modular design - reduces cost and time of construction.

  • Pyramidical shape as a faint resemblance of a nomadic tent.

  • Larger open space to be converted into organic farms.

  • Cluster distributed within the larger farm fields breaks the notion of generic 'garden'.

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