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Residence Chak -


  • Single Residence 

  • Built Area : 5000 Sqft


  • The site is situated in a lush green urban neighborhood in Lucknow. The plot had few existing trees and a road towards the west and south,

  • The house brief demanded a combination of three separate households, where two are for one family while the third one is for the tenants. 



  • Series of stepping garden and terraces along the central court offers various visual axes, triggering communication and tieing the various volumes to form a 'home'.

  • The project explores the idea of dematerializing a large volume into smaller inter-connected volumes. A spatial configuration where homes are interconnected yet have their own respective territories. 

  • The form of the house is derived through careful study of sun movements and opening. Hence allowing maximum sun during winters while shade and views of the green during summers.

  • The resultant form ( combination of smaller volumes) is further reinforced through the usage of materials.

  • The design as a modern interpretation of courtyards in a traditional home 'haveli'

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