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workspace AEEE
 green park, n.delhi


  • Office space for 8-10 ppl

  • contemporary office spaces, as a manifestation of company's ethos.



  • Rectangular unit with windows on only one side

  • Windows on South West direction.

  • a cluster of smaller rooms with no direct light access.


  • The space as an example of a sustainable office environment.

  • Minimize the dependency on any artificial light and integrate regulatory systems to control natural light penetration.

  • Design of the internal spaces revolves around the idea of dematerializing each and every object, in order to maximize the light penetration.

  • The plug-in module for windows to regulate natural light through natural screens like planters and mesh louvers acting as a light shelf and screen.

  • The plug-in module also houses all the services and storage spaces, Hence not restricting the window apertures and allowing more natural light penetration.

  • The storage system as a series of cubes within the hollow structural mesh acts like an incremental organic storage system, which can be regulated or personalized by reshuffling or adding more cubes, shelves, planters.

  • The internal arrangement of storage cubes keeps of changing and evolving along with the office- acting as an ever-changing/growing living wall.

  • Use of natural materials and translucent films create a series of the light film which segregates the volumes and fulfills the functional requirement but redefines the idea of partition walls and enclosures..

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