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Studio array - Architects Rachit Associates is an architecture and Interior design consultancy headed by a diverse team of architects with a huge experience of over two decades in construction and design.


Studio array was formed in 1995 by the founder architect Ravindra Kumar Srivastava. The studio focuses on a concept-driven spatial design using basic tools like scale, proportion, and materials to generate an architectural expression. We believe in harmonizing spaces and elements within the larger narrative generated specifically for the individual project as a dialogue between the site and clients (functional requirement).


The design ideology has been expressed and refined through a wide array of design projects from Macro to micro levels of various scale. The studio array has successfully designed and executed several projects ranging from Commercial complex, Schools, Row housing, to Farmhouses, High-end residences, Private Residences, residential apartments.

Studio array provides complete design consultancy which includes spatial, Interior design and architecture design along with onboard consultants. We have an esteemed panel of engineers for structural design, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing.  

our team.

Ravindra Srivastava


Tel: +91 9415024842

Rachit Srivastava


Tel: +91 8800661772

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