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India Arch Dialogue 2018
co-curated with matra architects


  • Exhibition design and curation for India Arch Dialogue

  • Exhibition on Architecture photographs.

  • Exhibition gallery and a space for symposium and presentation

  • 500-600 people 



  • Oja's gallery, Mehrauli, New Delhi

  • Linear enclosed gallery space along with a lawn and an elegant Banyan tree




  • The space as a metaphor for light 

  • Reinterpreting the capturing of an image on film as it gets exposed to light. The dark surfaces and texture become the silent vessel for light.

  • A rhythmic placement of slits along the enclosure skin allows light to enter the space while exposing the structural system and the width of thick walls, which acts as a surface for light.

  • A linear seating with red top highlighted through strategically placed lights emphasizes the depth of space and light which enters through slits. 

  • construction scaffolding was used to develop a structural system to support 1 feet thick blocks, allowed systematic assembly of blocks.

  • Interior pictures were displayed as a three-dimensional cluster of images suspended in space. the observer can enter and move through these clusters. an attempt to free the images of the gallery structure and let the exhibits create the space. The movement of the observers was specially designed as a self-exploratory or discovery through the images, hence encouraging the idea of getting lost and in the process rediscovering. 

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