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gn studioo
matra architects


  • Twin units as an artist studio and guest apartment.

  • Area: 7000 Sqft


  • The site is situated in an artist village in G. Noida.

  • The houses within the community are fairly closely situated and do not offer privacy.

  • Visual clutter and disharmony. 



  • The design explores the idea of light and movement over the bare yet textured canvas of concrete.

  • Minimalist material palette- to reduce visual clutter. Silence and contemplative space.

  • The 'hand casted' concrete imparts a unique and distinctive 'fingerprint' to the units. 

  • The design emphasis on an exploration of scales and interconnected volumes/spaces, by creating various vantage points as one transitions through space along with very selective openings.

  • Twin house mirrors each other across the road. a gesture which intensifies the presence while triggering a dialogue within the whole setting.

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