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India Arch Dialogue 17
co-curated with matra architects


  • Exhibition design and curation for India Arch Dialogue

  • Exhibition on Architecture sketches as the seed of the design process.

  • Exhibition gallery and a space for symposium and presentation

  • 500-600 people 



  • Ojas gallery, Mehrauli, New Delhi

  • Linear enclosed gallery space along a beautiful lawn and an elegant Banyan tree




  • The design starts with the idea of reinterpreting a conventional picture frame'as a module- decreasing the members /resources to serve the same function but becoming something more in the process- creating a narrative for the exhibition design.

  • The 'picture frames' also perform as panels/planes defining and dividing the spaces and functions- an expression on dissolving the clear distinction between the inside and outside, with a transparent enclosure, allowing light and the tree to be part of the space

  • the distinctive red band plays with the idea and notion of division.

  • Floating red band- functions as the display system as well as the partitioning panels to provide eclosure for the lecture space while creating a circumambulatory path.

  • the construction system of the red band follows the same principle of the gallery frames.

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