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hermitage, srinagar
matra architects


  • Design and construction of sample cottage for an art residency campus at Srinagar, Kashmir 2015.

  • Site area1.5 Acre. Sample unit area:850 Sq.Ft


  • The site is situated in suburbs of the city-Srinagar, on the sloping hills looking towards the terrific view of Dal lake.

  • The project aims at designing an archetype for a cluster of shelters to be used as artist residency or holiday breaks for the owners.


  • The design focuses on the idea of a minimalistic intervention where the built space sits in harmony with the natural setting.

  • .Compact design to achieve minimal footprint over the sloping site

  • Local building techniques along with the use of natural and local materials, further reducing transportation cost and energy consumption during construction.

  • Thermally insulated and comfortable.

  • Double height and mezzanine, creates spacious and open living spaces while increasing the window sizes, inviting the spectacular view of the Dal lake within the living spaces.

  • Usage of natural and vernacular building techniques helps in preserving the local building culture while generating employment for local craftsmen. While at the same time encouraging further dispersion of climate and region responsible design.

  • Easy to replicate  

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