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VIA Kindergarten


  • Kindergarten and a multipurpose hall for an existing school

  • 8 classrooms, activity spaces, play area along with admin and accounts etc

  • Site area- 5400 Sqft; built area-11000 sqft 

  • Status-  Construction starting soon.


  • School in a semi-urban residential neighborhood

  • sides side opening along the road.


  • The design aims to create a vibrant space for kids

  • Kindergartens are more about learning through interaction and activities, hence the design also focuses on creating a space as a collection of diverse and multiple play areas.

  • An enclosed for monitoring the safety of the kids yet open.

  • All classrooms connected with equally big 'extended classroom area' designated especially for ply and extracurricular activities.

  • The design encourages interaction and exchange  

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