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Residences- Ladakh


  • Post Disaster reconstruction, Ladakh 2011

  • Design and construction of 12 residential units



  • Extreme temperatures, varying from -30C to +30C

  • Remote sites leading to huge transportation cost and energy loss

  • The region in a phase of cultural transition because of a sudden escalation in tourism and external influences, leading to inappropriate and unsuitable construction practices.



  • An attempt to redefine post-disaster reconstruction vocabulary towards being more sustainable and environmentally responsible. 

  • The design of the houses as a model for the rural/urban Ladakhi community- a modern interpretation of vernacular building and design methods, using natural materials and passive heating techniques.

  • Simplified local construction techniques, easily replicable by the local community.

  • Earthquake and flash flood-resistant design.

  • The houses/community shelters were constructed using natural local available materials like adobe, rammed earth, clay, stone, hay, waste wool, and wood through the active community participation. .

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