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House of lanterns


  • Interior of a penthouse in Lucknow with an area of 5000 Sqft

  • Addition of a gazebo and roof garden

  • Status- in progress


  • The site offers a great view towards the north with ample amount of green along with a view of an artificial lake at some distance.

  • The flat is a combination of two smaller flats, hence the placement of light and ventilation shaft in the center of the large open space.


  • The shafts are absorbed in the design as glass lamps- inviting natural light within the space.

  • A free plan with organic spaces defined by glass 'lamps' and a network of wooden members running throughout the interior space like the veins, or roots moving, negotiating various planes and surfaces.

  • The wooden veins fulfill various functional aspects and requirements such as - structure of the lamps, storages, opening panel, false ceiling, and light diffusers.

  • The walls are reinterpreted as glass 'lanterns' to act like lighting devices, dispersing natural lights through the skylights and also the artificial lights.

  • The open plan provides huge flexibility in usage and planning. It allows the users to define/Re- define spaces as per requirements, without being restricted by rigid and static walls.

  • The lamps are constructed using glass and embroidered fabric sandwiched between the glass panels. the Fabric carries geometric and floral patterns developed by artisans from the city reflecting the rich culture and heritage of Lucknowi craft -chikankari.

  • Terrace garden - A series of heterogeneous and varying gardens, courts geometrically arranged within and along the rectangular plan of the gazebo

  • Roof Gazebo-The steel structure of the gazebo is designed with a cantilevering roof to an open and uninterrupted view of the terrace and neighboring artificial lake. The roof is constructed out of local clay tiles along with sprinklers. The sprinklers can be used to soak the clay tiles leading to evaporative cooling of the space underneath..

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