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Studio Rocky


  • Gopinath market, Cantt Road, New Delhi

  • Busy market street with a lot of small shops and showrooms

  • Old market with most of the buildings being at least 50 years old.

  • 'L' Shaped site, with a narrow front while a spacious and green rear north court


  • The design creates an inward out space with multiple 'blocks' or volumes stacked on top of each other.hence opening up the internal space while making it more spacious and visually exciting with more of the products on display.

  • The front faces west, hence an almost solid facade with some windows- as an introduction to some of the individual volumes.

  • The front slopes down towards the main road as a result of scaling down of internal narrow triple height space, hence creating a simple but an interesting form to create the showrooms unique identity within the chaotic market street.  

  • Variety of internal spaces with double and triple height volumes at different levels.

  • Skylight and glass walls on the north side allow ample sunlight, hence reducing the dependency on artificial lights 

  • The staircase as a 'road' connecting these shifting volumes.

  • Each of these individual volumes has separate function or content.

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