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School- Uttron, Uttarakhand


  • Post-disaster reconstruction.

  • Area- 12000 Sqft

  • Client- Tata consultancy


  • The site for the new school was a donated stepped agricultural field

  • Three to four major terraces with a difference of 1.5-2 meters respectively.

  • Site divided with a natural swale

  • sloping towards a great view of the valley.



  • The design aims at creating spaces for the kids and from their perspective.

  • Dematerialization of the school building to create multiple smaller blocks like a Himalayan village cluster.

  • The smaller scale is more relatable and inviting for the kids (students)

  • The broken down multiple built volumes creates various 'in-between' spaces between them. Hence creating diversity and variety of open spaces for the kids to explore. Hence making it richer experientially. The spaces where they can run and even hide, allowing them freedom mentally and physically for better growth.

  • The placement of blocks over the terraces respects the natural terrain and avoids any artificial leveling. Allowing the natural flora- fauna and water slopes to coexist along the school blocks.

  • Flexible spaces which can adapt as per changes in the requirement of the day.

  • The planning along the levels also respond to the zoning of spaces, allowing the computer labs, hall and library to be shared with the village population allowing the sharing of the resources and knowledge.

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